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FRC Scouting Radar 2016 Master


Storm Robotics 2729 Master App**Reccommended for 7-inch tablets****Requires FRC Scouting Radar 2016 (User)**The master app is the pair to our scouting application. Able to scan QR code data from a match and perform data processing. Some important features are:
-Scans QR code-Stores data into database and CSV file(called match_list.csv) -Navigation bar system for ease of use-Able to sort all data by analysis of categories-Able to deliver a summary of compiled team data and averages-Able to deliver all matches for a team-Able to set a team criteria for alliance selections, which is then displayed in a list-NOTE: if no teams appear in list, no teams met your criteria-Click three comparison for graphing. Input 3 teams. Shows graphs. Use dropdown menu to choose